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Acne Light Treatment Is Available Over The Counter

NEW YORK, Market Leading Light-Based Skincare System No Longer Requires A Prescription

Tanda, a leading home-use light-based skincare technology is now the first FDA cleared at-home light therapy device for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne available in the U.S. without a prescription. This FDA marketing clearance allows the sale of this revolutionary new skincare treatment over-the-counter to Acne sufferers. Tanda offers consumers across the United States a safe and effective over-the-counter home-use device to clear existing acne blemishes and help prevent further breakouts.

Both Tanda and Tanda Professional – available through skin care professionals – use 414nm blue LED light that is scientifically proven to naturally, gently and safely kill the P.acnes bacteria that cause mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Blue light energy has a phototoxic effect on the P.acnes bacteria causing it to self-destruct, effectively removing the cause of an inflammatory response. A company-sponsored In-vitro study showed an 86% reduction in P.acnes bacteria colonies after a 6-minute treatment with Tanda Clear.

“In the clinical trial we conducted with Tanda Professional Clear 414nm blue LED light, we found that daily self treatment using the device reduced the number of acne lesions significantly. Moreover the study demonstrated a significant improvement of the subjects’ skin condition,” said Dr Michael Gold of the Tennessee Clinical Research Centre, “Study subjects also found the treatment user-friendly and easy-to-use at home.” Now this professional therapy is available over-the-counter.

The Tanda Clear Acne Light Therapy Treatment is available exclusively at Sephora, and The Tanda Professional Skincare System is available at physician offices and medi spas, visit to find a retailer close to you. Source Examiner

Here is a proven treatment for the relief of acne symptoms that is now being dispensed without a prescription. This will bring advanced acne therapy right into the home, where busy professionals can avail themselves of professional type treatment, without it interfering with their busy schedule.

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