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Anti Ageing Process Uses Newborn Foreskin Cells

By Leah Hardy
A treatment, called Vavelta, has been developed by the British biomedical company Intercytex. What is radical about it is that it seems to rejuvenate and restructure ageing and damaged skin from the inside by repopulating the lower layers of the skin with millions of healthy young skin cells. Unlike fillers and Botox, it is claimed to be permanent.

Vavelta is a clear liquid in which tiny skin cells, called fibroblasts, are suspended. These are derived from baby foreskins donated by mothers at a hospital in the U.S. after routine circumcision. The mothers and babies are screened before the foreskins, which would otherwise be discarded, are used. Once in Britain, they are divided into pieces less than a centimetre square and treated with enzymes to release the fibroblasts. These are grown in sterile conditions in labs.

Fibroblast cells are responsible for the repair and maintenance of youthful skin, pumping out collagen to create a line-free complexion. But as we age, they become dormant and many die. In trials, Vavelta appears to make skin smoother, thicker, more resilient and younger.
Source: Mail Online

This procedure, although expensive, may be a god send for those, whose faces are disfigured with acne or burn scars. Dr Robin Stones, the Court House Clinic Medical Director for the North of England, has stated that patients who have sun damaged skin, burns or scars respond very well to Vavelta treatment. Caesarean scars may also be successfully treated by using this procedure.

The process is approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S., and is monitored by the Human Tissue Authority in Britain.

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