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Superior Skin Rejuvenation

New York, November 19, 2008 — Dr. Lisa Zdinak, oculoplastic surgeon and laser skin care specialist, is pleased to introduce the revolutionary SilkPeelTM DermalInfusion technology to her Manhattan clientele. SilkPeelTM is renowned as the most advanced exfoliation and rejuvenation treatment available today.

The unique diamond-tipped treatment heads set SilkPeelTM worlds apart from standard microdermabrasion procedures that rely upon abrasive particles that unevenly sandblast the skin. SilkPeelTM treatments go beyond simply exfoliating the skin surface. While the spinning medical grade diamonds polish the skin surface, customized vitamin solutions penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver their therapeutic effects: clarifying solutions heal acne-prone skin; hydrating solutions moisturize and soothe dry, flakey skin; brightening solutions lighten and fade dark spots and correct uneven skintones; and, antioxidant solutions bathe sun-damaged skin cells in nourishing vitamins and nutrients.

The solutions do not just sit on top of the skin like a traditional lotion or cream – instead the patented SilkPeelTM handpiece deeply delivers the vitamins, antioxidants and other therapeutic ingredients into the skin where they are most needed, the stratum corneum layer. Clinical studies have shown that SilkPeelTM provides even abrasion across the treatment area and rapid hydration deep to the underlying cells. SilkPeelTM DermalInfusionTM offers true skin rejuvenation with thorough exfoliation and targeted treatment to improve a host of skin conditions.

The procedure can be performed in a twenty minute office appointment with none of the residual “grittiness” of traditional microdermabrasion, making it a more pleasant and comfortable experience. The SilkPeelTM machine is the only device of its kind capable of running a disinfection cycle, making it the safest and most hygienic system on the market.
Source: Yahoo News

This skin care procedure may be a major breakthrough for the many millions of people that carry disfiguring facial scars from acne, sun damage and burns.

Acne strikes more than eighty percent of the population at some stage and, as yet, there is no absolute cure for the disorder. Many sufferers, who were affected by acne during their teenage years, have resulting facial scars that cause them embarrassment, which has a significant impact, on their social and professional life styles.

Researchers, are continually working towards developing new techniques that will help acne sufferers, to rid themselves of the disorder. Developers, are continually producing new skin care products, and occasionally a new technique emerges that brings acne sufferers just one step closer, to getting rid of the disease and being able to completely repair their skin.

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