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Do Your Research Before Marketing Your CPA Offer

After having selected a CPA offer you should put together a selection of keywords that you must use to draw targeted traffic to your sales page. Before beginning your keyword research, you should take a couple of aspects into consideration, such as the importance of targeting keywords with a reasonable search volume, keywords that have very little competition to start with, as well as keywords that can be regarded as “buying” phrases.

You could choose to target keywords with a large number of searches, however they will have comparatively high competition, or you could concentrate on lower search volume phrases with very little competition. But, rather than target a single keyword, you would be better of targeting quite a few keywords.

For instance, if you check out the keyword “wedding”, you will see that the term covers a countless range of topics and has plenty of competition, which means that you have to concentrate on key phrases with fewer searches and hardly any competition. A key phrase like, “wedding music”, has a great deal less competition and not a lot of web pages that have the phrase in the heading. A handy guideline is to begin with keywords that have less than 40000 total competing web pages, below 8000 web pages with the phrase in the heading and has at least 10000 searches each month.

Google’s totally free keyword tool is pretty accurate and very effective, but, you can also find other keyword research tools in the marketplace that offer additional useful details by simply pushing a control key. Apart from day by day searches, this kind of software tool will even present you with the total number of competing web pages, together with the number of web pages with the keyword phrase in the heading. Additional features that enable you to evaluate Adwords costs and conversion rates are also available in professional research programs. This could be extremely helpful when creating your PPC promotions in the future.

If you happen to be on a tight budget and need to conduct extensive keyword research, you might like to take a look at Sekeyword, which is a cost-free software tool that has a lot of enhanced characteristics!

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