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Dominating Google’s First Page. See What I Mean Here

By Kenneth Koh

Take a look at the screenshot included in this article. This is what I mean by dominating Google’s first page.

Out of 10 results in the first page, 9 are articles from the same author, syndicated on different websites.

The last result is a YouTube video, which is something Google tries to include in every result page.

In fact, for this particular search term, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th page of Google are mostly dominated by the same article.

Interested to know how it’s done?

In today’s blog, I’m going to show you exactly how it is done. Yes, I know exactly how it’s done because I’m the person behind it.

What happened is this article is an article submitted by one of the members at ezArticleLink, our new link building system.

The article gets published in hundreds of other domains in the system, over a period of time, so as to get backlinks to that member’s site.

Now, the question is, if you write an article and publish it in hundreds of article directories, will you get the same result?

Not likely, because most of the articles are buried deep in the directory and more importantly, there is no backlink to those articles.

Then what makes this article different?

I’m not going to hide anything. Here are the reasons… Read Article Here


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