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How To Avoid Advertising Replicated Sales Pages

Promoting replicated sales pages is good for the service that you are endorsing, but not so good for the affiliates, because if the web site or offer carries the product name that you’re advertising, there is nothing to discourage people from looking up the name of the item and heading to the company’s web site.

By way of example, let us imagine you are advertising a certain product and the organization is good enough to provide you with splash pages and an affiliate sales page that each refer to the brand of the product. You put in your time and energy marketing the affiliate sales page and supplied advertising material to an extensive range of people so that you can obtain a few buyers. Now, most visitors will just click on the splash page, or visit the link you published to get more details about the product or service, however a certain number of other people will look up the brand of the merchandise and skip your affiliate page.

Because of this you must have access to your own online marketing tools, including an autoresponder and opt-in page, because if you fail to control your online marketing enterprise, you will find yourself being manipulated by another person, and without total control you will certainly lose a portion of your profits.

I was checking out a niche site just recently, which is owned by one of those supposedly expert marketers, and his name and photo is prominently posted on every page of the website, which is not always a bad thing, a little bit conceited, but not really bad. After that I headed over to his affiliate page and noticed that the replicated sales page and all of the banners he is providing for his affiliate marketers, were also emblazoned with his name, website name and image!

Out of curiosity, I clicked away from his web site and googled the site name and opened up one of his affiliate’s web pages, which happened to be a replicated affiliate page. Before going any further I cleared my browser’s cookies, clicked the banner on the affiliate’s page, and guess what? The alleged guru was nominated as my sponsor rather than the affiliate, who actually sold me the product. This so-called guru is deceiving his own affiliate marketers and they do not realize that this is taking place. Why? Because they are working with the posters and replicated sales pages that he supplies them with.

The majority of affiliate programs operate like this, they display the title of the site everywhere on their affiliate marketer’s promotional material, which only impairs the affiliates chances of making a sale.

Take charge of your affiliate advertising campaigns by investing in your own autoresponder, ad tracker and squeeze page, which will enable you to build your own list of potential customers, learn where your leads are coming from and follow them up accordingly.

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