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How To Promote A Niche Web Store

By Kenneth Koh

I was reviewing the comments in our blog and one reader asked for advice on how to advertise and get traffic to his niche web store.

You can take a look at his website here or this screenshot to see how it looks like when this article was drafted.

As I have always been saying, getting traffic is easy. The hardest thing is converting the traffic.

The key to traffic conversion is the sales funneling process, i.e. how to capture the immediate interest of your visitors and get them to take action (usually by means of opt-in or adding you as their preferred site) before leaving your site.

Once the sales funneling process is ready, the rest is just going through the process of getting traffic.

I talk about sales funneling process right at the start of this discussion because it is exactly what is lacking in this website.

Let’s go back to the website. The homepage is a catalog page listing the featured products for sale. Such homepage will only appeal to one type of traffic, i.e. people who are currently in need of a SPECIFIC niche product THAT happens to be listed in that catalog. My question is, what is the chance of you finding such a person… Read Article Here

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