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Product Launch Strategies

By Kenneth Koh

So, you’ve spent the last six months preparing your website. Now that it is ready, do you just make it available online or what?

Think about it. If Jacky Chan had a new movie release, what would he do? Just release it quietly, or you’ll see lots of ads and news about his new movie?

Have you ever seen a new cafe selling its coffee for just $0.50 on the first week of its launch? It gives people a good reason to talk about the new cafe, which in turn becomes a free publicity. In a short span of a week, everyone in the neighbourhood knows about that cafe. That’s what you want to achieve with a good product launch.

Product Launch vs Traffic Generation

You may ask, what’s the difference between product launch and traffic generation?

To put it simply, product launch is traffic generation on an impulse! Whenever there is something new in the market, bloggers have an impulse to blog about it, list owners have an impulse to broadcast it to his/her list and more importantly, people have an impulse to try it. For some reason, people always think new is better. Your product will only be new ONCE. That’s why product launch is important… Continue Reading Here

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