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Testing Conversion Rates Of Your Offer Is Essential

The first thing to do after you have settled on an offer, is to start Testing conversion rates, so that you can ascertain the viability of the niche. Actually, you could ask your affiliate manager about this, but it is probably best to build a relationship with him before you ask, just to make sure that you are given an honest answer. On the other hand, certain networks provide the general conversion rate with every offer, making the process easier for you.

Then again not all networks do this, so it is still a good practice to get your own results, because they would be more detailed than any that you would get from the network. There are numerous ways that you could check your niche, but the truth is that you will get the most dependable results by building your own sales page and keeping track of the number of site visitors. This will enable you to readily check the conversion rate of the CPA offer that you are advertising. This method may take a fair while, but there is no need for you to outlay a large amount of money as you would with other ways.

Pay per click ads are a great approach as well, as you don’t need to set up and advertise your own sales page, because you can insert your affiliate link directly into the advertisement. Then again, this may be an expensive undertaking, particularly if you don’t have any knowledge of establishing PPC campaigns and dealing with CPA. If that is the case, then it most likely isn’t a good choice for you.

As you can see, in each case you have to track traffic, because the only way to run a cost-effective campaign is to regularly test and enhance your current conversion rates. The best way to successfully test any number of campaigns, sales pages or adverts is by keeping track of your site visitors, and the most widely used tool for this type of testing is Google Analytics, mainly because it costs nothing. Google Analytics is an extremely valuable tool for monitoring site visitors, keywords and a lot more, even though it does have a few drawbacks.

When you get further involved, you will discover that you will want an ever increasing amount of information that only a professional tool like link assistant can provide. This program enables you to monitor nearly every link you put up online.

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