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Using An Ad Tracker To Cloak Your Affiliate Links Is A Must

Quite frankly, using any sort of marketing link without an ad tracker is really wasting time and effort, because if you can’t tell where your visitors are coming from, then your advertising campaigns cannot be properly coordinated.

Posting an affiliate link out anywhere will just permit anyone to do away with your affiliate details and go straight to the website and sign-up, or enable those people to check the search engines and get the direct link to the merchant’s main page, or another affiliate in the firm, and then you will lose the lead and potential sale.

By using the name, certain-company as a case in point, and presuming that their affiliate link is something similar to, with the “xxxx” being your affiliate Identity, and you commence marketing that URL, then two undesirable events may occur.

Initially, the company’s web site address is in your affiliate link, and this gives prospects a direct link to the company’s main page.

Secondly, if you were to post that link on ten different web sites, you will receive visitor statistics from the affiliate page of certain-company’s site, but you will not be able to determine precisely which advertising site those visitors are coming from.

Well, If you had a decent ad tracker, you would be able to build an individual Web page link for every single web site, and as certain-company would not be in the Web page link, you are safeguarded from somebody using any part of your Web address and going straight to

And also, you will be able to tell exactly where your prospects are originating from, consequently if you are advertising ten active links to your sales page and only two are receiving any hits, you can easily eliminate the others and concentrate more on the types of advertising venues that are attracting prospects.

In order to avoid missing out on earnings and find out where your leads are emanating from, you must have a reliable ad tracker, so that you can, not only hide your affiliate links, but so that you may easily track all your sales page links and be aware of what kind of adverts are doing well and which ones are performing poorly. An efficient ad tracker will work seamlessly with your autoresponder and really give your promotional campaigns a boost.

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