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Why Free Hosting Providers Should Not Be Used For Business Purposes

There are a few free hosting providers that are reasonably reliable and easy to use, the most well-known being Blogger and WordPress, which are wonderful for personal biographies, social activities or family albums. However, if you are going to build an online business, then you should certainly get your own domain name and a paid hosting account with an established web host.

If you own a domain name that is made up of either your name or your business name, it is just like having a sign over the door of your shop, inviting passers by to come in and browse. Your web address is your brand and you ought to advertise it any way you can.

Your web host will let you create numerous sub domains, unlimited POP3 email accounts with SMTP and unlimited MySQL databases. You will have the ability to publish your own splash pages, graphic images and countless sales pages that you can completely control. All of your company email may be posted and received via your hosting provider’s email platform, which will have an impact on your patrons and help to advertise your online business.

Of course, there are occasions when it is sensible to use a Hotmail, or any other free web based email service, but for business purposes you must have your own website address and online email application. This makes you appear to be much more professional and provides you with a number of possibilities, like creating aliases, numerous email addresses and most importantly, you will not have to depend on any free email service.

At this point you should get an Eudora email client to enable you to manage your various email accounts by routinely checking them, collecting any emails and sorting them into their individual folders on your computer.

Owning your own domain and email service demonstrates that you are sincere, and determined to establish a legitimate business enterprise, which is the message that you ought to be impressing on your prospects regarding your business.

A web address costs about ten dollars per annum and reliable hosting can be found for $4/month, so for around $4 per month, you will get total control over your online business sites and email service.

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