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Why You Need Your Own Personal Autoresponder

As well as replicated sales pages and banners, almost all affiliate programs have their own personal autoresponder system that you can not access. Okay, it may follow up with potential customers, still the downside is that everybody you enlist belongs to the merchant and not you. Of course, you will earn your commission if they purchase or join the service you are endorsing, but what do you get if the prospect doesn’t purchase or upgrade? You don’t get a thing and the firm gets a lead that they can follow up with other offers.

Let’s consider the affiliate program that you are a member of with a particular organization. Since they have supplied you with a nice replicated affiliate page and advised you to advertise your affiliate link and make their replicated affiliate web page attract buyers, it would appear as though the merchant is actually helping you to earn an income. Gee, this is extremely good of them, don’t you think?

Well, you should have another think and look at it this way. Let’s say, you entice fifty visitors to the sales page, who sign up to find out more about the company’s product, and of those fifty visitors, two make a purchase. At first you are pleased, but what about the other forty eight visitors? The fact is that their details belong to the firm and therefore, they can send them other promotional material at a later date, and if you decide to leave that organization, all of your leads stay with them.

You carry out all the work and the firm rakes in most of the dollars, exactly the opposite of what you had been lead to believe when you signed up as an affiliate. This is what actually occurs, and if you are not using your own autoresponder and squeeze page system, you are just creating a list of potential customers for another party. You might be making some sales and imagine that you are making money, the fact is you are leaving most of your earnings on the table for the company to pick up.

In order to become a productive affiliate marketer you will need your own autoresponder, capture pages, ad tracking system and marketing material, so that you can take charge of all your marketing campaigns, monitor all your advertising and keep in touch with your leads with your own newsletter.

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