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Why Are Relevant Anchor Texts So Very Important

Anybody that is thinking about improving their search engine rankings needs to concentrate on the anchor texts that they are using to create links to their site. Anchor text is the group of keywords that are used when linking your publications to your website, or affiliate page. It is the hyper-linked words that site visitors are invited to click on that will take them to a web site of interest.

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If another web page is linking back to your site, then you might not have any control over what phrases that are used in the hyper-link. However, in instances where you are the person who is responsible for placing the links in your content pages, then you should pick the most suitable anchor texts, particularly when you are posting articles to ezines, social bookmarking sites, or online video websites.

One thing to bear in mind whenever you choose your anchor text is that you should not repeatedly use identical anchor text links in your web pages. You need to alter your text just a bit and not have an excessive number of text links in your articles, otherwise it will draw the attention of the search engines, and it could get your site penalized by lowering your page ranking. Therefore you should make an effort to select a couple of different key phrases for your anchor text.

One other significant thing to keep in mind is to select your anchor texts wisely. You should select keyword phrases that are neither highly competitive, nor ones that are rarely used. If you only use competitive keyword phrases in your anchor text then you will not be able to get many backlinks, which will not help you to get good rankings for those keywords. You will most likely need hundreds, or even thousands of backlinks before your web page will appear in the search results if you use the most commonly used search terms.

Then again, if a keyword has hardly any competition you will not need a lot of backlinks in order to rank well for that search term. Unfortunately, being highly ranked for rarely used search terms will not bring you much traffic, because very few people will use those words when they are browsing. Consequently, you will only get an occasional visitor, and that is of no real benefit to you.

Subsequently the best idea is to pick keywords that are reasonably common, but not extremely competitive, to make certain that you can get your web pages ranked without going to a great deal of trouble. Take advantage of a keyword research tool to create a list of keywords that are related to your site, and then pick a couple of good keywords for each of your posts.

Remember to vary your keyword phrases so that you can avoid using identical anchor text repeatedly, and never ignore the significance of using the proper anchor texts. As a result of this strategy, you will be posting a range of relevant keywords that link to your web page, therefore providing your web page with a lot of backlinks, which will give your website lots of authority as far as the search engines are concerned.

You should then post articles to ezines, make submissions to article directories, post to social bookmarking sites, create forum signatures, post RSS feeds and publish videos. These practices will help you to build backlinks containing targeted anchor text that is relevant to your website and/or product.

Every little bit helps in getting good search engine results. Don’t forget that good rankings are not anything that you can get straight away. You will need to be persistent and pay attention to the little things, and in particular, suitable anchor texts, which can really help you to get good results!

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