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1 set consists of 8 pieces

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Thirty-five books dealing with parents: 1) Closing the mobile in 2) Listening 3) Accepting their opinion 4) Interacting with their conversation 5) Looking directly at them 6) Praising and standing praise 7) 8) Do not convey negative news 9) Praise their friends and 10) Recall their achievements. 11) Suggest interaction with the conversation even if repeated 12) Do not mention the painful positions of the past 13) Avoid talking 14) 15) Not underestimating and detracting from 16) Not interrupting them and leaving them in their conversation.. 17) Respecting their age and not disturbing them 18) Not penalizing grandchildren in front of them.

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My friends a picture 1000 word all the interference at the 11th Congress of the ND trying in any way to shed the government before the figures go out of all the paradigms of tax papers in It seems that they count without the hotelier who is the people who go to the polls and not the representatives Let us finally understand and accept that this government not only the elections in 2019 will take but also as much as they try to escape will not come out or they will Rooney back or confiscated their property and imprisonment!!!!
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