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[34] Brie won her first match over Nikki in a six person

Starting in November, the twins developed an on screen relationship with The Colns (Carlito and Primo), appearing in numerous backstage segments with them, and accompanying them to the ring.[28][29] In February 2009, the storyline expanded to include John Morrison and The Miz, who flirted with the Bellas and took them on a date for Valentine’s Day.[30][31] The date provoked a rivalry between the teams of The Miz and Morrison and Primo and Carlito, with the four competing for the affection of the twins, who were seemingly unable to choose between them.[32][33] On March 17 on ECW, Carlito and Primo, aiming for Morrison and The Miz, accidentally spat apples in the face of Brie.[34] Nikki began to laugh at Brie’s misfortune, and a fight broke out between the two, which led to Nikki leaving with The Miz and Morrison, while Brie stayed with Primo and Carlito.[34] Brie won her first match over Nikki in a six person intergender tag team match on SmackDown the following week.[35] On ECW on March 31, Nikki pinned Brie in their first singles match against each other, after a distraction from Morrison and The Miz.[36]

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