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Article Marketing – What’s In The Title?

When publishing an article on the Internet, authors must consider the fact that they have less than five seconds to capture the readers attention. Therefore, special attention must be given to the title of an article, for the story to have any chance of being selected and read.

Article TitleAn article title must immediately attract viewers attention, the title should be concise and compelling to pique readers interest as well as, encouraging them to read on. Ideally, the title will consist almost entirely of keywords, arranged in such a fashion, so as to portray the many benefits that may be in store for the persons who choose to read the entire story.

Publishers, who are looking for content for their web sites, are searching for keyword related articles and upon discovering such an article, they must be enticed, by the article’s title, to click on it. Should the leading paragraph hold their attention and the complete story delivers the expectations indicated by the title, then the story has a good chance of being republished.

Admittedly, if the title of an article is not grabbing the viewers attention, it can be changed at anytime, but it is far better to spend a little extra time and get the title right in the first place. The title is in fact, the essence of an article and with the success or failure of a story depending on it, then it must be perfected before the story is released. When an article is first published it is new, fresh and unique. When an article is edited and republished it does not command the same respect and has lost some of it’s splendor.

Reading an Ebook or online article is totally different to relaxing in a lounge chair and reading a paperback. Online reading requires a greater degree of concentration and the reader is subconsciously urged to quickly soak up as much information as possible. Consequently, digesting a lengthy, in depth article soon becomes boring. Online viewing induces a shorter attention span for readers, who demand concise, easy to digest and informative articles.

Most popular, republished articles adhere to the above criteria and consist of an average of five hundred words. Articles that run to eight hundred words or more, are generally abandoned before being completely read and therefore, are unpopular. A piece that is less than three hundred words does not have the capacity to contain enough material to completely inform the reader on the chosen subject.

When an article has a compelling title, an interesting first paragraph that grabs readers attention, a concise article body that contains pertinent information, then there is every chance that the story will be republished many times and become viral. Of course, this aspect will largely depend on the topic’s popularity at the time of publication.

Article marketing is a challenging endeavor that at times, appears to be unrewarding. Many articles have to be written in order to produce those few that take off and become popular. The expectation of producing that one magical article that will explode into a viral monster, is always lurking in the mind of an ardent author.

An article’s viral performance, will depend on what’s in the title.

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