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How To Write An Affiliate Presale Letter

By Kenneth Koh
For those who are advertising as an affiliate, I always advice them to write their own affiliate presale letter instead of advertising the standard sales page prepared by the product owner. There are 3 important reasons why such move is advisable:

1. People believe a 3rd party more than the product owner, even if they don’t know you! Your presale letter is the best tool to deliver your confidence in the product.

2. By not revealing too much about the product in your presale letter, you can increase prospects’ curiosity and they will be more interested to read through the actual sales letter.

3. You have more control over your advertised page. For example, you can build a list, follow up with the prospects and sell them other products. You can also track the click through rate to the sales page and determine if you are advertising to the correct target audience.

The big challenge is, how to write an effective affiliate presale letter?

Below is a simple format that has been working for me…Read Full Story

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