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I wasn planning to post a review since I don feel

Review Celine Nano Belt Bag in Light Taupe from Lansedetang Basetao

cheap moncler outlet Hello RL! My first rep purchase has arrived. I wasn planning to post a review since I don feel knowledgeable enough to give a qualified opinion, but /u/confusedparr0t convinced me that it would be helpful for others to at least see pictures of this bag. Unfortunately I don have an auth to compare the rep to, but I found some photos on tpf, in store mod shots posted on TS moments, and fellow RepLady /u/dajupopu posted an excellent reference album here. Since this size only came out a couple of months ago, moncler jackets for women there aren many resources to use for identifying flaws specifically in the Nano Belt Bag but these photos were very helpful to me during my own QC process. Same bag, better lighting? Not perfect, but it a rep so that expected and it certainly better than how it looked in the first set.

No weird smell at all when I took the bag out, but it had been sitting in Basetao warehouse for 2 weeks by then so maybe it already aired out. The leather feels good; it not too hard but still holds its shape well. Overall for 1/10th the price of the auth, I definitely think this was moncler outlets uk worth it. Unfortunately I had moncler outlet canada Basetao put the Chanel Mini O Case inside this bag to save moncler outlets usa space during shipping, and because the box for the O case wasn wrapped in anything it left some dents in the suede on the inside of the bag. Since this wasn a factory quality buy moncler jackets toronto issue I not deducting points for it.

buy moncler jackets 0.5 because in person you can see a bump where the magnet closure is attached to the front flap. It moncler outlet ny not obvious when the flap is closed, but if you leave the flap in front of the belt it looks like a mosquito moncler jacket outlet bit the bag.

0.5 for kind of sloppy stitching in spots throughout the bag.

0.5 because the piece of leather at the bottom left corner on the front of the bag is poorly discount moncler outlet aligned. This is only visible when looked at from the moncler coats cheap bottom angle or if the bag is lying flat on its back.

monlcer down jackets 0.25 for the glue/dirty patches inside. Unfortunately I can seem to get that spot out, but no one ever gonna see it. There were also some very fine strings of glue at some of the seams that fell right off when I brushed them with my finger. They were too fine/thin to pick up on Discount Moncler Coats camera.

cheap moncler coats 0.25 because one of the clips squeaks when the strap rotates cheap moncler jackets outlet as you wearing it. I hope with some use it go away, or I might try to lubricate it. Other than that, the hardware feels sturdy and I don have any problems with the magnet closure.

moncler outlet online First off, 1 for color. Since I don have any auth Light Taupe Celine pieces I not sure if moncler outlet the color is accurate in person, and I can for the life of me create a lighting situation where the photographed color matches auth photos. I tried indoors/outdoors, harsh vs diffused sunlight, natural daylight vs artificial light at night with 2800K, 3000K, 3200K, 4000K, and 5000K bulbs. I got nothing. Normally moncler outlet kids I think color accuracy is the biggest tell, but since the color moncler jackets on the auth also seems to vary based on lighting, I only taking off 1 point.

cheap moncler sale I think the shape is excellent. One of my biggest concerns regarding shape was the sides of the bag. On the auth and on this bag, you can see that the sides are gently rounded rather than straight diagonal lines that jut up at an angle, which I seen from some sellers. The proportions and silhouette of the bag appear correct to my eye. I was also concerned that the flap might be too long, but after looking at all the pictures of the auth I think the Nano just has a longer flap than the Micro does, so moncler jackets on sale this “too long” flap actually seems to be correct. The auth has a double stitch on the knots of the belt, but how heavy or neat these stitches look seems to vary. It much more moncler coats sale visible on some auths than others. There is a tiny Celine stamp on the strap buckle, but I not sure if this is correct? It too small to see on the pictures of the auths that I found. The clips have the rounded base and the “ears” at the top of the clip on the auth Nanos seem to be thinner than on the other sizes, so these clips look good to me. There are 3 horizontal stitches below the loops that attach the hardware for the clips onto the bag, which matches the auth.

moncler mens jackets The moncler jackets men Celine stamp appears to be in the correct spot for this size, and it clean moncler outlet mall and even throughout but it too thin compared to auth, so 0.5. Fortunately moncler outlet online the gold lettering on light colored leather makes it hard to tell the stamp is a bit off even when your nose is an inch away from it. MII stamp inside says “Made in Italy” which is correct, but it not italicized which is not correct, so another 0.5. It missing the strips of leather that conceal the zipper inside the bag, but I don think it that visible and I didn notice it myself until I started doing this review, so only 0.25. Some of the stitching that joins two pieces of leather together at corners are too thin to match the auth, also 0.25. The magnet closure is correctly placed below moncler jackets canada the belt, however the very center of the closure has concentric circles that I don think are moncler jackets cheap on the auth this is seriously nitpicking though so let call it 0.25. If I wasn being harsh I would call this an 8/10.

moncler outlet sale When I contacted Lansedetang via cheap moncler jackets WeChat, her Taobao listing had not yet been updated to include the Nano. She quoted me 1280 for these colors, and 1180 for this color. When she updated her Taobao listing, the Nano was 1380, but Basetao convinced her to let them buy via her Taobao link at the 1280 rate. My cost was: 1280 3.5% Basetao handling 2018 Cheap Moncler fee = 1324.80, which ended up being $218.53 USD with that day Basetao exchange rate. FYI this is not the market exchange rate, Basetao USD to CNY rate tends to be lower.

cheap moncler Shipping: Lansedetang within China 15, Basetao EMS to NYC 542.80 = $92.52

This was part of a haul, so the shipping cost is higher. This bag with the box and dustbag was 1650g, which their calculator estimates would cost 295. Basetao initially estimated the weight of my package at 4330g, which worked out to 542.80 or $92.52 after the service fee and shipping insurance. The actual weight ended up being 3760g and they did cheap moncler jackets wholesale refund me 37.50 from the moncler outlet location shipping fee, but I not sure if the service fee or insurance also got adjusted. The refund went back to my Basetao balance, so now I need to buy some more stuff to use it up.

cheap moncler jackets I initiated contact in English, but since she responded in Chinese I switched to moncler outlet online store Chinese as well. However I Cantonese and based on her word choices I 99% sure she not, so I think there was miscommunication from the different dialects. She always responded within moncler jackets toronto minutes but wasn really chatty. This changed after I took issue with the QC pictures I received from Basetao. She immediately started messaging me asking if I had canceled(?) the order. I told her what I told Basetao about my issues with the QC pictures and that I was waiting for them to respond to me, and she asked to discount moncler jackets see the pictures Basetao took. She didn address the dirt patch inside the bag or the back flap appearing to separate from the bag, but messaged me every few hours to say that the auth has the moncler chicago same stitching, that there absolutely nothing wrong with the bag and I can go look at the ones at the Celine store to check, etc. The way her messages were phrased seemed rude to me, but that could have been because moncler coats for cheap of the nuances in words between the different dialects. She messaged me pretty consistently over a couple of days. Eventually I had to remind her that it was the middle of Qingming and I was still waiting for Basetao to get back to me since it a holiday. Based on her response alone, I would not order from her again especially after seeing the awesome response and customer service from ReppinReps regarding the Love bracelets.

moncler sale outlet No major communication issues with Basetao. When I placed the self help order, they asked if this seller could be moncler outlet store trusted and not a scammer and wanted to be sure that someone had ordered from her before. I told them about her Taobao shop but that her quote was cheaper through WeChat. They said it would be better to buy through TB and they convinced her to sell it for the WeChat price. After the first QC pics I asked for a couple of detail shots and they got them to me no problem. Official Moncler Outlet I heard that other agents charge for more pictures/HD pictures. I told them about the issues I had with the bag and they promptly tried to exchange the bag even though Qingming was coming up. I wish they had been around to intercept Lansedetang barrage of messages, but it not their fault that she was messaging me expecting a response during a national holiday. I do wish that they had been more clear about exactly what information they needed when they requested a copy of my credit card and ID though, so 0.5 for that. I’m reposting Moncler Factory Outlet a comment I posted on another thread regarding the squeaking straps. It completely eliminated the problem and it hasn’t come back I hope it helps.

moncler outlet Also, if you find that the strap connections squeak (which drove me batty) here womens moncler jackets a tip. There are two areas that cause the squeaking. You can squirt a little Cadillac or Apple cleaner/moisturizer inside the leather loop where it connects to the D ring and wipe off excess. That moncler outlet usa will get rid of the dry leather squeaking against the metal. Second, put a tiny bit of cooking oil or lubricant on a paper towel and place that against the metal portion of the strap buckle that swivels (the part that is circled in the picture I referenced above). Swivel the connection whilst pressing against it with the paper towel and then wipe away excess. So at least now I be equipped to qc the factory photos! :) xI so glad this can be useful for you! Honestly I was worried moncler jackets kids about posting because I feel like there might be glaring flaws that I just not even aware of, but I figured even if the moncler coats writeup isn good at least moncler outlet woodbury the collection of auth photos could be useful for someone who has a more discerning eye than I do.

moncler outlet store Please review the grey marble factory one if you get it! I was kicking myself for rushing and getting this one once I saw pics from the grey marble factory. Those factory pics look so good I kind of moncler coats for women want to put this one moncler jackets outlet on BST and pick up a darker color from grey marble factory lol. I usually not very picky at all, so I didn even use an agent and shipped it directly with TB direct, sight unseen lol. I had the bag for about 2 months and moncler jacket online have used it very frequently the bag is holding up well and I happy with my purchase. That ok though, not every seller is for everyone so I totally see where you are coming from. I even mentioned in my review that people who are more picky should not be using this seller as she only speaks Chinese and returns are tough. I chose her for her price and the decent quality/accuracy ratio.

moncler sale Your bag is lovely and the size is adorable! Totally makes me want to get another belt bag but I think I will wait a bit before I get anymore belt bags. I hope you enjoy your new bag but if not, I sure another RL will love it on the BST sub.

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