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If we go out with you, the husbands, the children, and the

When you were in the mother’s stomach you were in a tight and dark place.. When you die in a tight and dark place.. < When you were born, he covered you with cloth to steal you.

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Designer Replica Bags Media & Lies: His men who shake the system and are silenced!

What are you afraid of, the “Anti-Conspiracy”? The truth

The resistance:

In a world built on lies and corruption how much have they been silenced in one way or another? br>
I wrote in a post published a few days ago:

“We discredit the resistance by calling it conspiracy and silence those who persist in its own right. Feeling threatened, do not hesitate to sacrifice the most lucid, the most intelligent, the most daring of his subjects, those for whom allegiance only leads to … How many of them will still have to go to the trap before the world in its majority finally becomes aware of the lie in which we live?

I propose you an article which returns on the death of Coluche and at the end of the article a video montage relating this affair by including some danteque appearances of singer Daniel
(Article & Video)

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