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Marty Wolf, president of California based Martin Wolf M

it’s high time we took delhi to a more livable state

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Replica Bags SPOTTED: Washington insiders turned out for PI colleague Mike Allen, Evan Thomas and editor Jon Meacham’s Playbook 2012 e book launch party. Congressional staff, media types and K Streeters attended the f at PJ Clarks. Quinn Gillespie Associates’s Jack Quinn and his wife Susanna, David DiMartino of Blue Line Strategic Communications, media consultant Anne Schroeder Mullins, Patrick Dorton of Rational 360, and Matt Haller of the International Franchise Association, were among the politicos spotted at the event. Get the scoop for yourself available for Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad or iPad touch, or for your computer through iTunes. The Easthampton, Mass. based organization that promotes traditional American and English country dance meaning “contras, squares, English country dance, morris and sword, folks songs and the incredible tunes,” according to its website. Nottingham comes on board following a five year term on the Surface Transportation Board. Nottingham is expected to help expand the firm’s transportation and infrastructure practice. Nottingham is just the most recent addition to Williams Mullens. The firm also recently hired Tom Jolly, formerly of Jolly/Rissler. Marty Wolf, president of California based Martin Wolf M Advisors, predicts to PI that many top Glover Park Group officials will leave the company in the next few years. “Why would they want to stay and have a boss?” Wolf mused. “They’re going to have to do work they didn’t want to do before.” But Glover Park brass need not fret, he said: If they indeed bolt, they’ll likely cash in big time on their way out. For Glover Park Group as a company, the purchase is likely to be a short term boon, says Rob Wyse, a New York City based PR executive. “WPP wants them to be a strong, independent entity, and Glover they get a bigger platform,” Wyse said. “They’re going to grow. It’s a challenge and it’s a huge opportunity.” Replica Bags.

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