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The local Guanches have the distinction of being the first non

The coast of Northwest Africa might be described as the nursery of European imperialism.[4] Experience gained here was the basis for the sudden breakout into all the world’s oceans in the 30 year period of 1492 1522. The Canary Islands were known to the ancients. They were reached by Lancelotto Malocello in 1312. Jean de Bthencourt conquered two of them in 1405 but the larger islands were not fully subdued until about 1495. The local Guanches have the distinction of being the first non European people to be wiped out by European expansion. The volta do mar led to the discovery of uninhabited Madeira in 1419 which soon developed a trade in wine and sugar. A longer volta do mar led to the uninhabited Azores which are over 700 miles from the nearest land. Further south the Cape Verde Islands developed a system of slave worked sugar plantations which was later exported to Brazil. The Canaries were taken by Spain and the other islands fell to Portugal. Northwest Africa was the starting point longer voyages, the Spanish heading southwest from the Canaries and the Portuguese south from Cape Verde.

I know that today December 24 most of us are reunited with the family or on a trip or traveling to others they are reporting this puppy french poodle race abandoned at the gas pump at the entrance of the neighborhood who reported, only limited to ask and told those who tank that puppy has been several months abandoned in that requires support for someone with a good heart to support with step home, you also need sponsors who donate their attention do not know if it is male or
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First we have flower and thumper two very sweet bunnies who are bonded and would love to stay together! They were surrendered to the rescue when the owner realized she had to many and could no longer care for them and there babies, they are very very sweet and will be started on litter and leash training asking a rehoming fee of -30$ for the pair

Blue, baily, Brooklyn-these three bunnies are about 7-8 weeks old! They are very sweet girls who have been very calm and playfull they will not get bigger then 5# full grown! They will be started on leash and litter training asking a rehoming fee if 20$ each or 30$ for two

Pepsi, molly, butter cup- these three guinea pigs are very sweet girls ranging from 2 months-2 years old they are very sweet and love human interaction! Asking a rehoming fee if 15$ each or 20 for a pair or 40 for all three if there going by them selves u must have another pig to keep them company!

Squirt- squirt is a 3 week old male Guinea pig who is looking for a forever home! He has been handled daily and is a sweetly pie! Will make a great pet for anyone ❤️

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