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The standard generally used for making patch cables is TIA/EIA

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Replica Valentino When a computer is connected into a hub or switch , the cable used is called a patch cable, which means that a wire linked to plug 1 on one end is linked to plug 1 on the other end. The standard generally used for making patch cables is TIA/EIA T568A; however, there are also TIA/EIA T568B patch cables (the only difference is the colors of some of the wires, which does not affect the proper functioning of the connection, as long as the wires are joined the same way). Why use a crossover cable. Replica Valentino

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Valentino Handbags Most people consider the size of the bid/ask spread as indicative of a security’s liquidity the larger the spread, the less liquid (and thus the riskier) the security is. For example, let’s assume you are watching Company XYZ stock. If the bid price is $50 and the ask price is $51.50, then the bid ask spread is $1.50. Valentino Handbags

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