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, wrote: “I find it very frustrating that every story about the

canada goose sale Becky Froass of Silver Spring, Md., wrote: “I find it very frustrating that every story about the Las Vegas shooting, every mention, every interview, etc. must begin with the words ‘the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.’ I have heard that phrase 40 or 50 times since Monday morning and I think it is unnecessary, not to mention, redundant. Also, I believe it offers a ‘challenge’ to someone to try to make deadlier attack that may be the ‘deadliest’. Why is this description necessary so constantly?”

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canada goose store Now, I have a family of my own and I wanted to share my camping experiences with them. Now, once year we all go camping at some campground that is more conventional than most. We go to Kampgrounds of America, aka KOA. There, you can rent cabins, small houses, or bring your tents. You still get the camping experience, cooking on the outside, man made fire pit and walking the trails, But, this place has swimming pools, golf courses, and horse back riding. But, for those who still want to rough it, there is a river as far as the eye can see where anyone can go fishing or tube down the river canada goose store.

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