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The Travel Nurse is Not Alone

In order to review a selection of available nursing positions and their locations, a travel nurse needs to join an employment agency that specializes in the placement of medical staff at various localities.

Nurse on DutyOnce the travel nurse joins a suitable agency, they will be assigned a case manager who will conduct an interview to determine the nurse’s preferred duties and destinations. Based on the nurse’s qualifications and experience, the case manager will present a choice of available assignments that may be of interest to the nurse. Certainly, traveling nurses have the freedom to choose where to work, what area of nursing is most desirable and the term of duty, but they are also dependent on the expertise of their employment agency’s case manager.

When an agency has provided details of a suitable assignment that may be suitable then the case manager will arrange a telephone interview between the traveling nurse and their client, the employer. The case manager will help prepare the applicant for the interview and provide every assistance to the travel nurse to obtain the advertised position. Should the application be successful then, the traveling nurse is on the road again.

The next requirement is to make sure that all the necessary paperwork that may be needed is in order and make travel arrangements. The employment agency is experienced in the procedure of placing travel nurses interstate and overseas, so the case manager is best equipped to give details of documents and licenses that are needed for any particular assignment.

Suitable accommodation should be included in the employment contract, so once travel nurses arrive at the workplace, they can make themselves feel at home for the duration of their contract. The case manager at the employment agency will stay in touch and help with any problems that may occur. Travel nurses may be a long way from home but the are certainly not alone.

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