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What is a Traveling Nurse

As the name implies, traveling nurses accept temporary posts at various locations throughout the country in order to fill vacancies that exist because suitable staff cannot be recruited locally. When a nurse accepts an assignment she is bound by contract to carry out her duties for the term of the assignment.

Nurse ThumbTraveling nurses are in great demand, particularly in isolated areas or places that have a floating population, such as vacation areas or places that have a seasonal work force. Travel nurses can remain constantly employed by following the sun and accepting assignments in summer or winter resort towns. The term of nursing assignments may vary from a few weeks to a year however, for the most part, assignments in seasonal areas are for about three months. Occasionally, a casual assignment can lead to a full time position if the employer is happy with her performance and the traveling nurse wants to settle down.

There are many interstate or international venues that require the services of traveling nurses in order to maintain the required level of care for their patients. Indeed, available positions cover all facets of nursing including working in, a recovery ward, emergency center, operating theater, nursing home for the elderly, child care center, doctor’s surgery or even a prison, amongst others. A traveling nurse can not only choose the locality of her employment, but also the particular aspect of her nursing career that she wants to pursue.

There are many things to consider before a nurse goes on the road, apart from being registered and qualified with a year or two of hospital experience, the traveling nurse needs to be licensed in the state or offshore destination that she intends to work. The case manager at the employment agency will advise a recruit about the licensing details, as well as assist a recruit acquire the necessary licenses. Then, there is the fact that the travel nurse will be away from home for the term of the assignment. Occasionally this will mean very little contact with loved ones.

One must also consider house pets. It is very difficult to travel with house pets so if the traveling nurse has a cat, dog or bird then the pet must be left somewhere where it will be properly cared for and fed. Accommodation provided by an employer may not cater for pets or allow them on the premises. Any reliable employment agency will be able to best advise a recruit about traveling with pets and accommodation details. In some instances, assignment contracts are prepared well in advance, in order to give recruits ample time to prepare for the engagement which, will include making arrangements to care for house pets and other personal matters.

Becoming a traveling nurse is a worthwhile and very rewarding career that will allow a dedicated person to travel extensively throughout the country or abroad, provided they have the necessary skills. Employment agencies that recruit traveling nurses can be found in every city, most towns or on the Internet. Select a reputable agency as they take good care of their recruits.

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