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Anxiety and Suicide

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about eighteen percent of adult Americans suffer from one or more forms of anxiety. One of the most disturbing aspects about anxiety is that if the disorder is left untreated, the sufferer faces an increased risk of attempting to commit suicide. About ninety percent of all suicide victims in America, were previously diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. More than twice as many women attempt suicide than men, but four times as many men actually succeed in killing themselves.

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Anxiety_suicideAbout a million people, in the world commit suicide every year, and more than ten times this number make an attempt on their own life. Any person, who is occasionally dwelling on thoughts of suicide, should seek professional help at the first opportunity. At least confide in a friend or relative, as discussing the issue will help to dispel these disturbing thoughts.

In this day and age, society considers that a person who has suicidal tendencies, is suffering from a mental health disorder. Researchers, consider that at times, suicide is actually a cry for help from the victim, who is really in desperate need of attention. In fact, in many suicide cases, the victims intention is not to die, in their minds they are attempting to escape from intolerable situations. These people rarely succeed at their first attempt at killing themselves, however they are prone to make other attempts on their life, with a greater chance of success.

Anxiety sufferers number in the millions, and many of these people have contemplated suicide. Call centers have been especially set up to help those in distress. Don’t suffer in silence, put these facilities to work and be a survivor, there is no shame in calling for help when it is most needed.

Everyone has bad days so don’t let anxiety lead you to a point where suicide becomes an option. Do not succumb to the easy way out, give yourself the opportunity of turning the tables and overcoming your troubles. Suicide is not a cure or therapy, so don’t accept it, instead call lifeline or an emergency center and get treatment. You owe it to yourself.

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