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Everyone Will Suffer An Anxiety Bout

Anxiety is much more prevalent than most people realize. Every person will experience a bout of anxiety at least once in their lifetime. Often, anxiety is experienced by children at an early age. Being separated from the mother during infancy, early childhood illnesses or a medical procedure, first day at kindergarten or school, are just a few of the dilemmas that face children during the early stages of their lives.

Anxiety DisorderChildren face many challenges as they grow older, and many of these events could produce bouts of anxiety. Exams during the various levels of their education, are just one example of incidents that can cause certain students to become anxious. There are many stages of a young persons life that can produce stressful situations, which may lead to bouts of anxiety.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America, reports that about 40 million people over the age of eighteen, suffer from one or more forms of anxiety. People who suffer from anxiety disorders, are about four times more likely to seek medical attention, and about six times more likely to need hospital care for a mental health disorder, than people who are not suffering from an anxiety condition. The condition costs the American taxpayer a staggering $42 billion per annum.

Although medical science has produced some very effective treatments to relieve the symptoms of Anxiety, as yet there is no permanent cure for the disorder. Even the cause has not been positively identified, although there is some evidence that the disorder may be a neurological problem that is handed down genetically. Findings have shown that constant exposure to a stressful situation will produce bouts of anxiety, however this is not really the cause of the condition.

Suffering from an anxiety disorder is not a pleasant experience for the patient or the people around him. Friends and family members are often called on to support and comfort a patient, this in itself can produce stressful situations that must be adequately controlled. Certain people may suffer from symptoms that are so severe, that they withdraw completely and become housebound, rather than risk the embarrassment of becoming distressed in public.

Don’t be surprised if a person in your life becomes affected by an anxiety disorder, it can happen to all of us.

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