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Anxiety Is More Than Being Out Of Sorts

There is quite a number of symptoms that are attributed to an anxiety disorder, and probably the worst one is living with the fear that a panic attack may strike when visiting a public place. It’s extremely difficult to cope with the physical torment that occurs during a full blown panic attack. The nervous trembling, sweating, dizziness and fear, together with the feeling of being unable to breath properly, the palpitations and the feeling of eminent doom.

Anxious GirlMany people often wonder if they have an anxiety disorder. Well, there are various physical signs that will occur regularly that need to be closely monitored. A pessimistic outlook can signal that there is a deep rooted sense of depression present. This is a type of anxiety disorder. Constantly reliving past failures instead of looking forward to future successes is a positive sign of anxiety. The most difficult part of dealing with anxiety is being able to recognize stressful situations, which should be avoided, and problems that crop up as a part of everyday life. Actually, dwelling on the possibilities of becoming panic stricken can precipitate an anxiety bout.

Everybody experiences an anxiety bout at least once in their lifetime, and our bodies are well equipped to deal with occasional stress related anxiety. An anxiety disorder is brought about by a person being repeatedly exposed to stressful situations, and that is the difference between experiencing an anxious moment,which is caused by an everyday event, and readily overcome. There are three important facts to know about anxiety. Firstly, it’s only a problem if an attack lasts for an extended period and repeatedly occurs. Secondly, a disorder can be progressively debilitating and cause a phobia. Thirdly, an anxiety disorder involves having intense attacks that occur for no apparent reason.

Anxious moments are normal, everyone has them. Kids get anxious before a school exam, people may get anxious when they have to appear in public or are worried about a task that they have to perform. The difference between this kind of anxiety and an anxiety disorder is that the condition does not persist and is soon forgotten. A bout of anxiety can occur by thinking of performing a task and imaging an embarrassing mishap. Should you become anxious for no apparent reason, or feel anxious long before or after a particular event, then possibly you have an anxiety disorder.

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