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Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes affected people to become anxious when they are away from there homes. The symptoms revolve around the intense fear that affected people have of suffering a panic attack, in unfamiliar surroundings. Agoraphobiacs, dread the thought of the embarrassment that they would suffer, should they become uncontrollably distressed in a public place from which, they have no escape. For this reason, sufferers of acute agoraphobia are housebound and seldom, if ever, venture outdoors.

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Anxiety AgoraphobiaBy visiting crowded areas or traveling in a public conveyance, an agoraphobiac nurses the fear of experiencing a panic attack and being scrutinized by the crowd. This irrational fear, compounds a sufferer’s anxious state of mind and is likely to induce a panic attack, resulting in a shameful experience for the person involved. Memories of such an event, will dissuade an affected person from leaving home in the future.

Sufferers from panic attack disorder quite often develop agoraphobia, as the two are closely related, however it is not really the cause of the disorder. There are several other elements involved, and it is the combination of one, or a number of factors that causes agoraphobia to develop. Child hood issues such as, a neurological problem that has been inherited, growing up under stressful conditions, or being dominated by over zealous parents are a few of the elements that contribute to agoraphobia.

At present, over three million people in America suffer from agoraphobia, which affects twice as many women as men. The disorder can affect anyone, it is the most common of the phobias to be treated, and has been diagnosed by doctors in most countries of the world.

Thanks to modern medical techniques, professional treatment is readily available that eventually restores patients confidence, and allows them to venture into unfamiliar surrounds, without any unpleasant consequences. A combination of therapy and prescribed medication is usually recommended, along with physical exercise, breathing techniques and healthy eating habits. Most therapists will make house calls to help patients with acute agoraphobia, and who are housebound. Alternative therapy such as acupuncture, herbal treatment and hypnosis are also available for the treatment of anxiety disorders, including agoraphobia.

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