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Anxiety Interferes With Personal Performance

Performance anxiety can affect a persons physical skills without warning. Anxiety bouts of this nature usually arise when a person is required to perform at an audition, or for a critical group of peers or a large audience expecting to be highly entertained. Symptoms include, sweating palms, trembling, forgetting lyrics, or in extreme cases, a complete breakdown, which would render a person incapable of performing.

Performance AnxietyThis condition is commonly referred to as nerves, and in most cases it can be overcome after a short break, if not within a few minutes. A mild case of stage fright or butterflies, is considered to be quite normal amongst performers, however if the condition reaches extreme proportions, a more serious anxiety disorder may exist, and should be brought to the attention of a medical professional.

Sexual performance anxiety is a condition that interferes with an affected person’s ability to thoroughly perform sexual duties. Men are most vulnerable to this type of performance anxiety and can affect those of all age groups. The disorder is most likely to affect a man who enters into a new relationship, although it may present itself should a man become apprehensive about continually satisfying a lifelong partner.

This type of performance anxiety is not serious and can generally be overcome, particularly when the partner shows some consideration and reassures the affected person. If the condition persists or deteriorates to the stage where an affected person is rendered impotent then professional help should be sought.

Performance anxiety is generally caused by a deep rooted fear of failure, and most people suffer from it at one time or another during their lives. When the condition persists, or it’s symptoms become particularly severe, then that is the time to seek professional assistance. Proper therapy and medication can usually result in affected persons being able to overcome their problems, and perform at their best when required.

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