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Children Suffering From Anxiety

Children, are confronted with numerous stressful situations that begin shortly after birth. Many of these children carry the consequences of constantly being stressed right throughout their lives. Stressful situations lead to bouts of anxiety, and being repeatedly stressed leads to an anxiety disorder.

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Child AnxietyInfants do have things to be concerned about, and minor mishaps that adults may find amusing, can cause little ones to become extremely agitated. It is important that carers identify the causes of any discomfort, and take steps to avoid situations that the child may find distressing. Parents should be aware of the fact that a child, who is repeatedly exposed to stress, can develop a deep rooted type of anxiety, which may become a permanent affliction.

The human body is well equipped to deal with occasional exposure to stressful situations that are a part of every day life, however constant exposure to stress can cause various types of mental anxiety, which will need professional medical treatment. Normally, a child will go through several phases, or behavior patterns that will cease in time without any serious repercussions. Children generally suffer from separation anxiety, a fear of imaginary monsters or the performance of certain tasks, and these fears are very real to the children involved. In most cases, these fears are all part of growing up, and will eventually be forgotten.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America, has found that many children have been diagnosed with nearly every type of known anxiety. In some cases, children and young adolescents, have been found to be suffering from more than one type of anxiety. Unfortunately, if anxiety disorders in children are not diagnosed at an early stage, then these young people are prone to many other social problems such as, failing school exams, falling into bad company and ultimately, destroying their chances of becoming successful and responsible members of the community.

Parents, and other adults, need to be aware of any warning signs that may indicate a developing state of anxiety in the children they care for. When anxiety conditions are present in children, the fears that appear to be phases will remain, and these children are prone to suffer from depression or panic attacks. They may also isolate themselves from others and go out of their way to avoid situations where they may feel vulnerable.

Should parents suspect that their children may be developing an anxiety disorder, they must seek professional advice to have their concerns correctly assessed. Addressing anxiety in children at the earliest possible stage, can prevent the development of other problems, and help them to grow up to be healthy and happy members of the community.

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