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Modern Gadgets Affect Mental Health

A recently concluded study, by the Solutions Research Group of Canada, has found that about 68 percent of the people they surveyed, suffered from Disconnect Anxiety. The study was conducted over the past two years during which, about 5,000 Americans over the age of 12 years, were surveyed. The participants were questioned about their experiences with various communication and entertainment devices.

Mental AnxietyApparently, Disconnect Anxiety is a mental disorder that produces bouts of anxiety and depression that may be experienced when a person is deprived of Internet, cellphone or wireless device connection for any length of time. People of all ages and from various backgrounds who took part in the survey, and were denied access to their devices, suffered from varying levels of Disconnect Anxiety.

The term, BlackBerry blackouts, has become popular in the mainstream media during the past year, but other electronic gadgets have received little mention until the Solutions Research Group released this report.

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The findings of this study are hardly surprising, given the fact that as the world makes technological progress, the number of people diagnosed with mental health conditions is also increasing. Admittedly, modern medical advances allow practitioners to better understand their patients mental status and to readily identify any mental disorders that may be present.

The reasons why people suffered from disconnect anxiety varied as they got older. Young people were concerned about their loss of status and social communications, while the more mature people became agitated over employment and safety issues.

Younger people, in particular, are fascinated by modern gadgets, and to many of them, these gadgets provide them with a status symbol and an air of superiority. When they have been disconnected, they not only loose a means of communication, but also a certain degree of self esteem.

Teenagers, who have recently joined the work force, are prone to mental health disorders such as, anxiety, depression or stress, and being deprived of the use of their personal communication devices can easily trigger bouts of depression.

Emotional issues are many and varied for the young adult and even the most trivial event can produce a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.
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