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The Solution To Math Anxiety

Math anxiety is not at all uncommon, as some students have a great degree of difficulty in successfully completing their tasks during periodic examinations. Although they may have the knowledge to correctly solve mathematical problems and understand the equations involved, basically, affected students cannot perform on demand. Provided that there is no deep rooted cause, this type of anxiety can be overcome.

Student StudiesWhen students approach a mathematical problem there can only be one correct answer, this in itself can provide students with an anxious moment as, in other areas of study, they usually have a variety of solutions from which to choose. When math anxiety becomes a problem, students must confide in their parents and ask for their help in order to solve the problem. Group therapy or individual counseling may be necessary, but it is most beneficial to have understanding parents who are aware of the problem, and can offer their assistance.

Students, who suffer from math anxiety should seek advice from a student group or school counselor, to help them overcome their fear of exams. Asking for that bit of extra help can at times, provide just what is needed to alleviate anxiety, gain confidence and perform well during examinations.

Math anxiety is quite often compounded by cramming for exams. Instead of cramming, students should break up their study sessions into small segments, take any problems that they don’t understand to a higher authority, and resolve those issues before exam day.

Practice exams with fellow students, can help expose many math problem areas prior to a test, and help students to gain confidence. This is also a good method of avoiding math anxiety, by showing students that they can get correct answers during examination conditions. Practice exams, can also help students to retain information that they may need for a practical examination.

Many students find that meditation techniques are extremely beneficial. Deep breathing, relaxation and mind control exercises practiced before an examination, will help students to overcome math anxiety by allowing them to focus on the task at hand. Mastering these techniques is nothing more than constant practice.

The fear of failing an important exam is a normal emotion, which under normal circumstances, forces the body to perform at it’s best. Should math anxiety become a persistent condition however, then a more serious anxiety condition may be present. In such a case, professional medical advice should be sought as soon as possible.

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