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Common SEO Myths – Free SEO Tutorial (Part 5)

By Kenneth Koh

In this tutorial, we will discuss some of the common SEO myths that are pretty important and you should be aware of. Without further ado, let’s start……

1. You need to post new articles to your website regularly

Google loves new contents? Yes. That’s not a myth. But that doesn’t mean Google hates old contents. On the contrary, Google loves old contents even more!

Truth is, I have many websites that I hardly touch for years. Yet they are still getting traffic from Google, and the traffic is increasing as the website ages, because AGE is an important factor in SEO.

The notion of Google loving new contents is because Google will give new contents a search result boost, based on the assumption that new content has some kind of ‘news value’.

For example, if you post a new article to your blog, that article may quickly appear on the first page of Google for the keyword you’re optimizing. But a few days later, that article will lose its ‘news value’ and it will have to compete with other webpages, based on the amount of backlinks and other SEO factors… Read Article Here

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