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How To Know If Your Website Has Been Penalized By Google?

By Kenneth Koh

After all the ‘Panda’s and ‘Penguin’s, many websites have suffered ranking drop in their search ranking. The question is, “Is the site penalized?”, or it’s simply because old backlinks got devalued and hence ranking dropped?

In today’s post, I’ll show you a way to find out the answer.

Before I continue, it is important for a marketer to know Google’s penalty for link building. If you are not sure… Read this post

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SEO After Penguin Update

By Kenneth Koh

By now you should have heard of Google’s Penguin update. The big question now is,

“How should I SEO my website after Penguin update?”

The best way to answer this question is by showing you some case studies… Read Article Here

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Social Media Marketing: Finding Your Target Audience

Prior to starting your social media marketing campaign, be sure to do plenty of research to find out what people are discussing and where your target audience is likely to be. The most convenient way to achieve that is to look for the area of interest that you are attempting to advertise, then merely relax and pay attention to what other people are discussing. Make an effort to discover as much as you possibly can from their chats and take advantage of this information to build your own social media strategy, which must consist of details of where you can start and what style you ought to employ in your strategy.

Sites such as BoardReader, Google Blogsearch or Technorati make it easy for you to accomplish this, by just entering relevant search terms to locate the posts that you are interested in. Nevertheless, along with your target audience, you need to also pay attention to other folks, especially your rivals.

Relevant articles can be gathered from web logs or other information services with RSS capabilities. This really is a good way to produce a consistent stream of selective news bulletins to your audience without spending a lot of time on article preparation.

The content and the manner in which you deal with your followers is the very basis of your social media marketing technique, therefore you have to be willing to participate in worthwhile chats with your readers. Consequentially you need to develop a distinctive style and be reliable with your output, as well as adhere to certain predetermined guidelines, every time you communicate with participants of any social media website.

Keep in mind that nearly all big organizations are unsuccessful with social media simply because they are not able to interact with the public at large. They just apply promotional strategies. Members will soon become upset by any promoting on their social media website. This means that when you use these kinds of methods in your calls, your name could in fact be damaged or perhaps you may be barred completely.

You have to cultivate a style and identity that’s in keeping with the impression you’re endeavoring to put across, and customize it to cater for the requirements of your prospects. Be sure to interact with members as though they were personal friends and they are together in the room with you. Do not ever consider your readers as purchasers otherwise you’ll be promoting goods to them automatically, so just keep the situation on a friendly basis and you’ll be more successful.

A specific aspect of social media that you really need to remember, is the fact that everything on the net is interlinked. Do not imagine that anything you publish on one network is not going to be published on other social media platforms, particularly if your social media marketing promotion is effective. Any falsehoods or fallacies you publish will surely turn up in the least expected places, which is a sure way to destroy any likelihood you may have of getting to be a prosperous social media personality.

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Serious Online Marketers Have A Social Media Profile

If you are about to establish a social media profile to promote an organization or some merchandise, or to direct public attention to a community project, your image needs to stay the same in each social site that you want to become a member of. This is as important as checking to make certain that you are suitably dressed before going out on a date.

Before choosing a name for your business, you need to write down a few usernames and domain names that you think suit your business profile, and then sign-up with a domain name checking program such as Knowem, which enables participants to browse more than 500 social media platforms and 100 or more domain name extensions to see whether the domain name, business or user id that they have chosen, isn’t currently in use.

The Knowem program, will let you pick your domain name, business and user id and ensure that your brand stays the same in each social media network that you are a member of. Additionally there is a membership service that will let you stop your domain name, business or user id from being copied after they have been claimed. Additionally you can use Knowem, to observe the way in which your company and brand shows up, when they are posted on various websites. After you have picked a user name, it is best to stick with that identify, or else you must recreate your brand name from the beginning again.

The next thing that you will have to do is design a typical avatar that you will need to identify your personal profile. Your own image should always be the same to ensure that consumers are able to identify your brand and your product straight away. Your avatar ought to be used as your personal profile for each social media site that you belong to.

When you decide to design your avatar, choose a plain backdrop, make sure that it doesn’t look too gaudy , you should be consistent and pick a noticeable and interesting avatar. As soon as your are done, register and submit your new avatar to Gravatar, then your avatar will be automatically placed beside your blog comments and along with other items that you submit to social media websites. Don’t use images of movie stars, copyrighted photos or pictures of pets.

You need to pinpoint your target audience and determine where they might be found on the net. Don’t merely believe that you are already aware of who the target audience is and where they can be found. If you wish to build a promising social media strategy, the whole process will rely on whether or not you can identify your target audience. Additionally you have to know what your target market requires and the type of bonuses you are going to send to them, in order to encourage them to take notice of you.

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Social Media Traffic Will Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

To start with, let us examine what you might achieve by sending social media traffic to your online promotional campaigns. By using social media traffic to bolster your marketing campaigns, you are going to raise the standing of your name, your product and your company. It will also enable you to watch the way people regard you, and you can actually sway your target audience’s impression of you, and your business.

No more do you have to invest in a target analysis service, since it is already a part of social media. You can even relate socially with your prospects, which will enable you to create a positive rapport with your prospective buyers, and improve your image in the eyes of your current customers. Additionally you will also be in the position to communicate with more people, which will enable you to boost your earnings by getting more prospects and creating more demand for your product.

When you have a look at just some of the most widely used social media web sites you will discover that Twitter presently boasts 175 million subscribed members, but many observers believe that the actual number of active members that follow nine or more users is around one third of that figure. Nevertheless that is definitely quite a lot of individuals that can be communicated with at any time.

Facebook boasts around 800 million members, with over 400 million of them logging in every day. Frequent Facebook users have at least 130 friends that they are able to post news bulletins to, publish surveys, promote a webpage and they can also convert other users to followers

YouTube is the most widely used video hosting service in the world, as well as being the second biggest search engine on the world wide web after Google. In excess of 20 hours of videos are submitted to YouTube each minute of the day and the website receives more than a couple of billion video clip visits every day. YouTube Insight allows people to view the age bracket and sex of visitors, along with the amount of visits, at what time, and where the views are originating from.

LinkedIn is a business-related social media website that presently claims to have over a hundred million registered users, with that number increasing by about one million new users per week. Linkedin is ideal for communicating with other business persons and establishing working relationships with other marketers. Linkedin also enables you to enhance your image with updates from your own site.

Those are only a handful of the enormous number of social media websites that are to be found on the internet, and there are many more appearing on a daily basis, consequently it must be quite obvious to everybody that social media is really a very useful tool for online marketers.

If you would like to get a lot more publicity for your promotions and boost your earnings, you should get social media to help you, you can be sure about one thing, your competitors already have a social media presence set up. You must realize that when your opposition is setting up LinkedIn, Myspace and Facebook accounts, then you definitely must do so as well.

Affiliate marketing is an extremely worthwhile venture, however it’s also an extremely competitive endeavor. Unless you keep abreast of the latest developments, and that involves joining up with social media, then you will not be able to compete as well as you could.

Only by implementing the most recent strategies, and keeping up with the continuously changing world wide web and social media platforms, are you going to end up the winner among all of the other marketers that are fighting for the same customer base.

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